The Vegan Picnic

by Anda Mtshemla

While I would never describe myself as the “outdoorsy type,” I love the occasional hike to witness a magnificent view and most of all, a relaxing afternoon picnic. The best thing about picnics, of course, is the food. The trickiest part about picnics? Also, the food. The food needs to be packable, you should be mindful of it getting soggy or cold but it should still be enjoyable. I’ve packed a simple and delicious picnic basket to give you some ideas for your next al fresco meal.


Sandwiches never fail to make a great takeaway lunch and can be personalised to your taste. Be mindful, though, to skip the tomatoes or any other juicy ingredients that will threaten the moisture level of your sandwich. For this picnic, I packed a mock tuna mayo sandwich on toasted brown bread.

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Drinks are the easiest thing to add to your picnic basket because whether they’re alcoholic or not, they’re pre-packed or can be easily transferred and ready to go. For this picnic, I chose a refreshing lemonade and some sparkling Pellegrino to wash down the sarmies.

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Another picnic basket must-have is a delicious salad. Salads are great on-the-go meals because you can enjoy them cold and if you’re in a rush, you can pop a few ready-made ones into your trolley rather than make your own. Luckily, my dad actually spotted a lovely vegan-friendly pasta salad at Woolies, which was the highlight of our picnic.


My sisters arrived back from school with an abundance of apples, for some reason, which were becoming a bit too ripe to eat so we bought ready-made puff pasty and turned our nearly spoiled apples into delicious apple pies. These were so easy to make, in fact we made them the morning of the picnic, and made the perfect, light sweet treat after the refreshing meal. I also packed along some fresh fruit I had on hand for anyone still feeling peckish.

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