Restaurant Review: Veganising ‘Kream’

by Anda Mtshemla

Walking though the restaurant-lined aisle of Mall of Africa’s outdoor court area, a row of bold, black and white sculptured chairs with mask-like faces moulded into their backs stopped mine and my sister’s hungry hearts as we stepped in. Completely distracted by the hip decor, we were blissfully unaware that our vegan selves, were walking into a restaurant called called Kream with a “K.”

We were welcomed by a warm hostess who managed to seat us almost immediately despite the buzzing restaurant being near capacity. We were then offered a selection of fresh breads to choose from, served with a quartet of spreads which included a biltong butter, garlic butter and olive tapenade. We enjoyed our ciabatta slices dry.


Fresh slices of ciabatta with butter, biltong butter, garlic butter and olive tapanede

A quick look through the menu and we quickly realise this stylish, modern atmosphere is matched by equally stylish and modern cuisine; boasting dishes like Foie Gras and Gourmet Sushi as well as an established wine list and specialised drinks menu with a wide variety of cocktails.

After getting to know the menu, we were approached by yet another host, who ran us through that Saturday’s Chef’s Specials, which included a chargrilled steak and other meats, which of course weren’t dishes that suited our taste. Upon asking about what he would recommend for vegans, the host mentioned an array of salads as well as a thai curry which wasn’t on the menu, but could be made as per our request.

After a few minutes, my lunch date and I decided on a poached pear and walnut salad, which we veganised by requesting that they leave out the goat’s cheese; and created a little sushi platter for ourselves from their selection of vegetable sushi rolls. While I’m not big on salad, the salad we ordered was so fresh, luscious and perfectly dressed, my sister and I considered sending compliments to the chef.


Port-poached pear and Walnut Salad alongside vegetable sushi rolls

While we did ask that our sushi be made with no mayonnaise my sister noticed some oozing out the sides of the fashion sandwiches we ordered. We made our waiter aware, three members of staff came to apologise for the mix up and brand new, mayonnaise-less fashion sandwiches were brought to our table.

We spent a cool R400 (including tip) which I felt was reasonable, considering the fact that this is a fancy-pants kind of spot. While there weren’t a bunch of vegan options on the menu, Kream’s willingness to cater for us, their exceptional service as well as the modern decor and trendy atmosphere, means this restaurant will definitely be getting another visit from me.