The Pros & Cons of Going Raw

by Anda Mtshemla

Choosing lovely February, of just twenty-eight days, to go raw vegan was a very deliberate decision. I knew it was going to be a challenge as I’m still fairly new to the vegan lifestyle and didn’t want to take on too much. I just may have because on the 23rd day, I cracked and had a cooked meal, but this is beside the point. The weird thing about taking new things on, though, is that it’s always things that you didn’t expect to be challenging that test you and all the things you were expecting, well, they test you too.

Cold, Wet Food

Cold is expected. But wet? I was not expecting wet. Since you’re not getting to cook away any of the moisture in your food, a lot of your meals are going to be really, really wet. I’m not even going to get into the details of spiralised cucumber… I suppose an optimist would describe this as “juicy” but it was all just very wet to me.

It is E X P E N S I V E

I was inspired by the greats: Fully Raw Christina, Rawvana, Laura Miller, who, don’t get me wrong, are all fantastic. In fact, I watched all their videos about how to go raw cheaply. But if you’re being realistic, you need to eat large amounts of fruits and veggies to stay satiated while raw and buying huge amounts of anything ain’t cheap, baby. Every time I went grocery shopping, a Migos song played in my heart.

Eating Out is Going to be a Bust

I live in a tiny, purple town where vegetarian options are a difficult find, let alone vegan. Raw vegan is simply asking too much. It doesn’t help that I’m still not quite at that place in my veganism to enquire about every single ingredient used in a menu item—I would just rather not eat out. But it was difficult declining friends’ offers to catch up over lunch.


I’m not a big drinker but I am a university student so it happens from time to time. I was raw during Orientation Week at my varsity and that’s when all the really big parties happen (my mom follows my blog, I’m not gonna get into it). I could only drink wine and I went a little wild with it on a few occasions. All I can say is don’t go heavy on the wine. Your bowels will thank you for it.

You’re Going to Drop a Few Kilos

Now, I’m putting this right at the end of the cons and the beginning of the pros because it’s kind of both. I’ve dropped two sizes since going vegan ten months ago and only just got new clothes that fit. So you can imagine my disappointment when my clothes that fit me perfectly two weeks ago, were now sagging off of me like a 2007 Soulja Boy. You’re likely going to lose weight, so, be aware of that.

Summer Fruits on Summer Days

This one is to kind of counter the first con because on days when it wasn’t miserable and rainy, it felt really good to sip on a frozen fruit smoothie or a sit down for a cool salad. I don’t need to tell you anything about how well cold things go down in the summer time, but man, any raw vegan will tell you that the best time to do it is during the warm seasons.

More Life, More Energy

I am possibly the laziest person you’ll ever meet. Like, my favourite thing to do is nothing, so I was astonished when I had no trouble waking up in the mornings and got down faster than a baby on a bottle at night. Honestly, there truly is something about not cooking your food because I was a changed woman for (almost) 28 days.

Zero Cook Time

My favourite part about making food is not making it at all, actually, it’s eating it so skipping the step that stands between me and eating was amazing, to say the least. It’s just prep and eat: what’s not to love?


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