The Raw Vegan Chocolate Brownies

by Anda Mtshemla

Valentine’s Day is upon us and with this Raw Vegan Challenge I inflicted on myself (because some days, it truly is painful), I’m thinking “Yikes, I’m going to be alone, eating cold food,” not that I have anyone to eat my uncooked meals with on any other night. There was just no way; I had to come up with something to treat myself!

When I originally started working on this recipe, I thought to use Agave or Maple Syrup to sweeten this decadent treat but the dates on their own added the perfect sweetness and gave the fudgy flavour we all love in brownies!

PREP TIME: 30mins  COOK TIME: Overnight/6hours  MAKES: 24

You will need:

1 cup sweet potato, grated
1 cup coconut/almond flour
1 cup dates (soaked, if they are dried dates)
1 cup cacao powder


Line a baking pan with baking paper and set aside

Place sweet potato and dates into a food processor and blend until combined

Add flour and blend again until well combined

Add the cacao powder and blend until combined

Fill the lined pan with the mixture, which should resemble cookie dough, and press until even all around

Place in the refrigerator or freezer for at least 3 hours to set

Once set, cut as desired and serve with fresh fruit or vegan ice-cream


Raw vegan chocolate brownies served with fresh strawberries


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